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The Physics Game Show
Price: $89.00


  • Heat

  • Waves

  • Electricity & Magnetism

  • Nuclear Physics

  • Mechanics

  • General Physics

The Game Show program allows students to learn and test their knowledge in a Jeopardy like format. The program allows up to four players and includes three game formats:

  • Game Show
  • Beat the Clock
  • Challenge Game

Game Show is the easiest. Answer a question correctly and receive full credit. Think fast because in the Challenge Game when the clock starts ticking the points for the question goes down. Answer a question correctly and receive only the points left on the clock. Beat the Clock is tricky. As the clock counts down the points for the question go down too. When the points reach zero they go into the negatives! The clock can be set from 10 to 95 seconds.

Feedback is provided for each question. Feedback may provide correct answers or additional information about the question. Students may pick a character to represent them during the game!

 Some of the characters include:



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